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Hankou River Beach Park

Release time:2017-08-10 10:01

  From Wuhan Passenger Port to Houhu Shipyard at Danshuchi Street, the Hankou River Beach Park covers a total length of 7 kilometers and is to be built according to a three-phased plan. Phase I project stretches 1.04 kilometers from Wuhan Passenger Port to Yuehan Ferry Terminal and covers 140 thousand m2 of green areas including large patches of urban green area and public leisure and activity spaces along the riverside commanding a full view of the urban landscape. Opened to the public on September 28th, 2003, the Phase II Project (the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge to Sanyang Road section) covers a “green riverside corridor” of 3.4 kilometers. The River Beach Park has sustained its themes of water loving, ecology and leisure.  

  With entrances built in places such as Wuhan Custom House, Lanling Road and Lihuangpi Road, the Hankou River Beach Park Phase I Project has added a “heavenly touch” on the riverside characteristics of Wuhan, and has been broadly well-received. Officially began on December 11th, 2002, the River Beach Phase II Project has a total length of 2.4 kilometers stretching from Yuehan Ferry Terminal to the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. The Phase II Project covers a total area of 78 hectares including a magnificently grand elevated hydraulically filled platform which totals 42 hectares and is 28.8 meters in height and 160 to 180 meters in width. The main structure of the River Beach Phase II Project is the 28.8-meter elevated platform comprised of beautiful civil square area, green fitness area, and horticultural landscape area, featuring ferry cultural square, riverside square, glass square and pedestrian passageways, among which the glass passageway and square are distinctively unique. The glass surface of the pedestrian bridge links it with the square. Its lighting is comprised of the blue spotlights on the pool walls, spotlights under the fountain and lighting on the surface of the glass bridge. The glass square has a large-scaled “neon light matrix” formed by 6000-odd cold-cathode tubes capable of circulating and producing over 8000 colorful images controlled by applying the “full-color gradational scanning technology”. It is learned that it was China’s very first application of such lighting technique on the ground, thus making it one of the highlights of the River Beach Project. 

  Phase II Construction
  Hankou River Beach Park Phase II Project shares similarity with the Phase I Project in terms of layout, but differs slightly in design styles. It is learned that given its restrains regarding scale and topography, the River Beach Phase I Project has adopted the traditional Chinese design style of private gardens known for the technique of “winding path opens up on an enchanting view”.   

  The Phase II Project has had more space to work with in terms of design planning, and therefore has adopted a design style featuring openness, grandeur, simplicity and tranquility. The riverside landscape main axis runs throughout the design, accentuating different areas. River Beach Phase II Project has a total of about 300 thousand m2 of green area on which more than 100 green trees and shrubs was planted including Michelia alba, Taxodium mucronatum, Trachycarpus fortunei, Osmanthus fragrans, Cinnamomum bodinieri and Lagerstroemia indica. The Phase II Project has also 19 sculptures and artistic creations erected, as well as 5000-odd sets of various types of lighting devices installed creating a breathtaking lighting effect at night. Given that the river beach being a public activity space for the vast number of citizens, designers has adopted the design style of western public parks featuring straight and broad boulevards, large grass areas of leisure and sports, and a modern riverside square of 56 thousand m2. The River Beach Phase III Project stretching from the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge to Houhu Shipyard plans to begin construction in 2004. The planning mainly concerns wavebreak forest and vegetation landscape, forming a green corridor of leisure, recreation and embankment.

  Horticultural Landscape

  Service Objective

  The purpose of the Hankou River Beach Park is being “people-oriented and in service to the people”. Full of famous trees and green grass, it boasts a green area coverage rate of 70%. In early spring the entire park is budding with new sprouts; at the height of summer the boulevards are flanked with lush trees swaying to river breeze; in the golden fall flowers burst into gorgeous bloom against the fascinating colors of Maple leaves; during the chilling winter the snow-covered park expands in white to where the river converges with the sky. Along the riverside are forests of reeds where birds gracefully twitter and the fragrance of reed travels by the chilly river breeze. It is so vast, long and narrow, yet deep and serene, full of twists and turns, ushering in the wonders of the wild nature.

  Environmental Features

  Being “grand, exquisite, serene, open and simple”, the Wuhan River Beach Park has a layout of “one axis, two belts and four zones”, namely the riverside landscape axis; embankment landscape belt and riverside water-loving belt; leisure activity zone, central square zone, sports zone and horticultural landscape zone. The water-loving theme is seen everywhere for instance the musical fountain, aqua park, and the running water terrace, bringing out both the magnificence of the Yangtze River as well as the serenity in regions south of the Yangtze River with the typical image of stream flowing beneath a little bridge.
  “Two rivers, four embankments and eight forest belts brilliantly lighted under the night sky” extolled one poet who was amazed by the beautiful scenery at the Wuhan river beach. Among all the water sceneries in the three towns of Wuhan, the Hankou River Beach Park is blessed with the most mesmerizing views throughout the riverside city. Citizens or travelers by twos and threes leisurely stroll along the cobbled paths among lush trees and flower blossom enjoying the rare comfort of being away from their usual busy lives. Located on the northwest bank of the Wuhan Yangtze River section, covering an area of 1.6 million m2, the Hankou River Beach Park is adjacent to the scenic landscape of the Yanjiang Avenue, facing the Yellow Crane Tower scenic area, and overlooking hundreds of ships floating on the Yangtze River, thus becoming a uniquely charming landscape spot in downtown Wuhan.

  Water Observation Platform

  The river beach has a three-storied water observation platform. The top sightseeing story is about one meter above the road. The second story being the water observation platform is two-month underwater every year that during flooding season it feels like being near to the sea. The bottom platform will form sand beaches during low-flow season and people may walk down the steps from there to be closer to the river. 
Yangtze River Civilization

  Under the theme of “Ode to Yangtze River”, the river-viewing sightseeing zone has sculptures such as River Water and Great River Flows Eastwards, showcasing the cultural characteristics of the Yangtze River. Cultural exhibitions of Yangtze River-related poems and sculptures reveal the praises sung towards the Yangtze River by Chairman Mao as well as writers and poets of all periods. The open-deck square capable of accommodating 1000 people has weekend concerts and gatherings of armature Chinese opera performers. In its surroundings are lamp poles decorated by Han opera facials and corridors where people may take a rest.汉口江滩公园/7355432?fr=aladdin